Color or Black and White?

I am often asked about taking photos in black and white versus color. I love them both! Color is just wonderful for holiday cards, table top prints and grandparents. I think the older generation sees black and white as outdated, similar to a black and white screen television.

Check out both of my blogs to compare this beautiful young lady’s image in both black and white and color. Juicy or classic?Mary Color

A Precious Toddler Who Never Stopped Moving

William JonesI recently photographed this precious 2 year old in Central Park. He never stopped moving! It brought his mother and I such joy to capture his beautiful face in a photo, for a brief second. After this moment he immediately began to climb the rocks like a little billy goat.

Thank goodness my 3rd child, my only boy, taught me that some boys never stop moving.


Senior Year and Rush Portraits

Elise #28Here is another young beauty I photographed a few weeks ago. Her official senior portrait was not as relaxed and natural as this one. We took this photo outside in a charming garden without a long line of students waiting in turn.

This photo will also make a terrific sorority rush picture as she heads off to college.

At Lovett graduation we parents were again reminded to provide our children with roots and wings, even if we feel the “happy sads” of our kids leaving the nest.

Back to this photo, this confident lady is ready to take on the next exciting phase of her life. I wish her the best!


Mother’s Day Love in Photos

IMG_0126Photographing families is meaningful work and this photo particularly shows the love of a mother for her two sons. She naturally cuddled her precious boys into her face and snap, the photo says everything.

I suggest that families book photo sessions at least every other year. The days are long and the years are short. My 2nd child is headed to college and I miss these intimate photos.

This family had to rush off to a baseball game immediately following our photos, sound familiar?

The Braces are Off and the Skin is Pretty

IMG_0045_retouchedI took this photo of my son over Christmas break. It is treasure to me. Graham’s braces are off and his skin is pretty. He is not quite a man yet no longer a boy. He worked on his hair and wore a designer cool shirt. I insisted on collared!

This photo marks Graham’s transition years. Even his soft smile reminds me that he is self-conscious yet not too cool for mom’s camera. Whew, a treasure as I wrote.