“real photo”

A Precious Toddler Who Never Stopped Moving

William JonesI recently photographed this precious 2 year old in Central Park. He never stopped moving! It brought his mother and I such joy to capture his beautiful face in a photo, for a brief second. After this moment he immediately began to climb the rocks like a little billy goat.

Thank goodness my 3rd child, my only boy, taught me that some boys never stop moving.


The Braces are Off and the Skin is Pretty

IMG_0045_retouchedI took this photo of my son over Christmas break. It is treasure to me. Graham’s braces are off and his skin is pretty. He is not quite a man yet no longer a boy. He worked on his hair and wore a designer cool shirt. I insisted on collared!

This photo marks Graham’s transition years. Even his soft smile reminds me that he is self-conscious yet not too cool for mom’s camera. Whew, a treasure as I wrote.

Simple iPhone Photos can Mean So Much

Lately I have been traveling for work in many parts of the country. I feel grateful that my photos celebrate life with photography. I travel with a tremendous amount of equipment and my set-up is elaborate.

Above is a photo of my 93 year-old grandmother we call Nanna. My girlfriend took this meaningful photo of Nanna and me using just my iPhone camera. No special equipment required. You can feel the love and appreciation Nanna and I share for our visit.

I am ironically holding photos of my children to give Nanna for a gift. The photo bag does not look pretty in this image yet it is a reminder that our grandparents adore photos.

Here I am, celebrating life with photography on many levels….no special equipment required.


Photographing Louis’ 100 Birthday

IMG_0067This photo does not represent my BEST¬†technical work, the lighting is off and the background has a few distractions. However, this photo represents some of my most MEANINGFUL work. I was charmed and touched to be the party photographer celebrating Louis’ 100th birthday. These photos will always be treasures to the many generations touched by Louis’ presence.

I am constantly reminded as a photographer to “celebrate life with photography,” which also happens to be my tag line. Louis has been gifted with good health and a natural sense of joy. Whether I am photographing a baby, a senior in high school or a 100 year old, I am reminded of the blessings of just being alive in this world.