corporate photo

Judge Diehl

Judge-Diehl-33_retouched-1I was especially honored to take photos of Atlanta bankruptcy Judge Mary Grace Diehl. It was such a pleasure to convey her professionalism, warmth and wisdom by getting just the right outfit and posture. Judge Diehl was a breeze to work with and we finished in 30 minutes, even with a blouse and necklace change. I added a few photoshop tweaks to the lighting and skin and PRESTO-a perfect corporate photo. I plan to avoid Judge Diehl in court!


A Little Photoshop Goes a Long Way

I just updated my own corporate photo for RealPhoto and I do love photoshop! Many thanks to Brittany who makes me and all of my clients extra beautiful and still authentic.

Below is the photo before Brittany’s help. My eyes are dark, the image needs cropping, the background is washed out and I have some moisture on my lips. Compare to the enhanced image above. Thank goodness we have all these marvelous digital tools.Medium No PS Kem Corp