Busy Toddlers

There is so much patience required in photographing toddlers, sometimes I only catch a few photos but all it takes is one! I love this little girls with her soft cheeks and southern bow. Even the hair in her face reminds us of her busy busy life. I can photoshop the stray piece out if mom prefers.

The Days Are Long But the Years Are Short

I remember when this young man was a toddler and incredibly difficult to photograph. In fact, I bet his parents dreaded our annual photo session for years. We never knew if he would cooperate or even give us a simple smile.

The days are long but the years are short. And so it goes, now he is almost ready for college and Dad is sentimental. His son, formally a wild man, is now such a pleasure to be around.

I love watching my clients mature into “real” people.

Baby Love

IMG_0027Some babies just tug at your heart and immediately make you feel good. This little guy reached out for me with his big grin and let me hold him tight. YUM! I told his mother I would babysit anytime-I think you would too.

Why Take Photos?

Picture of CalmThis wonderful and brief article is a reminder that photos of our family, events and locations we love truly calms our minds in stressful situations. My house truly is my nurturing home because I am surrounded with photos of my children, husband, dog and flowers.